Elder Law - 29 Years, 2000 Cases
Elder law is simply the use of strategies and legal documents aimed at protecting the health, quality of life and wealth of loved ones. For example, you might need a parent, spouse, adult child or friend who can legally sign your name and act on your behalf in case you cannot.

Estate Planning - 29 Years, 2000 Cases
Estate planning is very similar to elder law. Both estate planning and elder law attorneys try to save assets from loss to government agencies, including Medicaid. Estate planning and elder law deal mostly with living persons, and often same persons after they die, with or without assets.
Criminal Law - 29 Years, 1200 Cases
Crimes in New York are classified. There are basically felonies, misdemeanors and violations. Each requires an attorney’s opinion on whether guilt can be proven and what the punishment is.
DWI/DUI Law - 29 Years, 750 Cases
All you need is a couple of drinks in a short time. But you can fight any illegal stop of your car, the quality of breath or blood tests and other tests. DWI will result in revocation or suspension of your license.
Divorce - 29 Years, 750 Cases
Talking together and each being reasonable saves countless hours when your attorney does the talking. The average cost of divorce court is about five (5) to seven (7) dollars per minute for each hour your attorney gets involved on issues.