DWI/DUI, Drunk Driving

All you need is a couple of drinks in a short time. But you can fight any illegal stop of your car, the quality of breath or blood tests and other tests. DWI will result in revocation or suspension of your license. They can even keep your car. They require interlock devices on your steering wheel if you are convicted and own or have access to a car.

DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) means you drank less than DWI. DWAI is not a crime in New York but is still quite serious.

Mr. Weidman has represented clients with DWIs and DWAIs for over a quarter of a century. His Hauppauge office is close to the Central Islip criminal, family and divorce courts.

Felonies and Other Crimes

I have done hearings and gone to trial on various types of felonies: “A”, “B”, etc. These felonies often cost much more than misdemeanor crimes because the District Attorney (Prosecutor) often fights them hard. They can involve a lot of jail time.

Felonies are serious because they can put you upstate New York in jail for years. You can lose your driver’s license, pistol permits and other rights. If you think police are following you, you do not have to give them any information. Just tell them you want an attorney and they must stop questioning. Literally, never open your mouth again. Even if they say they will give you cooperation deal with a break, don’t talk.

Our Federal and New York State constitutions say:

  1. You need not talk (no self incrimination)
  2. You have a right to a lawyer
  3. You have the right to a speedy trial
  4. You must have a fair trial.

I can also handle Aggravated Unlicensed Driving, Unlicensed Operation of a car, traffic tickets, assault and CDL (Commercial Drivers License) problems.

It is critical to know if the traffic ticket you got (speeding, stop sign, unlicensed driving) is a crime/misdemeanor/felony or just a points violation on your license, which increases your car insurance premium and payments.

The ticket can be completely dismissed if:

  1. Your car is pulled over for no reason and you prove it.
  2. The ticket is not supported by evidence.
  3. The officer’s records are poorly kept or he doesn’t show.
  4. He has retired and won’t come.
  5. You go to trial.

For drug charges, the defense attorney demands lab reports measuring and testing the exact chemical. The chemical and the quantity must be clearly proven. If they are wrong or incomplete, you can win or get a better offer.

Sex charges are won when the defense attorney proves that the victim is lying or mistaken. Too often, police embellish their statements to the point where they are unbelievable to juries.